Altena Boat Care is a ‘Full Service’ repair yard with options for winter storage.
Altena Boat Care has the quality mark HISWA Certified Yachtservice.
Your yacht must be well maintained. Not only from a safety point of view, but also from an environmental point of view. Then you also want to be sure that the company that carries out the work on your yacht is a professional company. A company with knowledge of business. Yacht service companies can therefore obtain the quality mark ‘HISWA Certified Yachtservice’. Thanks to fixed protocols and checks, water sports enthusiasts are assured of careful and professional work according to quality standards.
Yacht service companies offer many different services: winter storage, painting, hull cleaning, engine maintenance and repair, maintenance and repairs to electricity and gas installations and much more. Each of these activities is a specialization in itself. Many HISWA yacht service companies offer all these services at a professional level.
A HISWA Certified Yachtservice company delivers quality, which is demonstrable because these companies work according to established protocols. This way their working method is verifiable and you know what you are getting.
The HISWA Certified Yacht Service companies work with protocols for, among other things:
• Engine maintenance
• Winter storage
• Gas installations
• Underwater vessel
• Marine Diesel Maintenance
• Safe lifting
• Vessel maintenance
• HISWA Port and Yard Regulations
The certified HISWA companies are checked and assessed by an external organization. For example, each participating company is visited by an inspector to check whether all the conditions set are met. In this way, unprofessional situations are prevented and this means that it is transparent which services are offered, which activities are involved and what the customer can expect.
Of course, the HISWA General Terms and Conditions of Delivery are also applied and orders are confirmed to you. The HISWA Conditions have been drawn up in consultation with consumer parties and thus ensure clear agreements. Makes it obvious to all!
• Have regular maintenance carried out, which reduces the risk of malfunctions and prevents high costs and unnecessary burden on the environment.
• A well-maintained ship is a safe ship
• Indicate as precisely as possible which job has to be carried out.
• Ask for a clear quotation of the work to be performed.
• Make clear agreements about the scope of the work and the delivery time.
• For major jobs, ask the entrepreneur to go and have a look on board.
• Ask whether the company is a HISWA member! Then you know whether the HISWA General Terms and Conditions are used.
Altena offers much more:
Winter storage:
Both indoor (heated) and outdoor storage. The total area of ​​the premises is 10,000 m2. The buildings in which our workshops, offices, canteen and warehouse are housed have a surface area of 4.000 m2.
Altena Boat Care provides a comprehensive program of maintenance, painting and installation of the equipment.
Custom-made interiors and expertly sealed teak decks give the woodwork a well-thought-out and attractive appearance.
We provide the complete furnishing of the interior, where you can choose from, among others fabric, leather, Alcantara, silk and nappa.
Painting work:
Good preservation, obtained by blasting, two-component coating, two-component filler and a double topcoat, ensures the preservation of your yacht.
Steel and stainless steel work:
We can also carry out all types of renovations in our blasting department and also build complete hulls of steel and/or aluminum.
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