50′ – 60′


Top design

The Altena 50′ Raised Pilothouse is, at choice, a twin or single screw displacement type steel motor yacht, specially designed for cruising in coastal waters and open sea.

The yacht is fully welded, with the utmost care being taken to ensure both weld strength and appearance. Welds in the hull are welded inside and out. Welds in the deckhouse may be welded on one side (outside). Welds in the deckhouse may be welded on one side (outside). All weather-exposed and water- or oil-tight welding will be carried out continuously. All other welding work may be interrupted, provided that the pattern stated in the welding list is followed.

The hull is designed as a double chine hull and is fully deployable. In principle, a single bottom construction is used, with the exception of places where built-in fuel tanks form a double bottom. Fuel oil tanks are integrated in the hull structure and are provided with baffle plates. The bottom is stiffened by transversal floors at every frame and is supported by longitudinal side keelsons. The side shell is stiffened by transverse floor frames at every frame and supported by transversal web frames at every second frame. The engine foundation consists of heavy girders, extending throughout the length of the engine room. Main- and saloon decks are stiffed by means of transverse deck beams. In order to achieve the necessary accessibility and ventilation, floors and keelsons are provided with lighting holes. Bulkheads are of the flat plate type with welded-on posts.

Reliable technology

The engineroom layout is designed in such a way, that it is adequate and easily accessible for maintenance. 1 steel stern tube is present, running from the rear of the rudder skegs to the aft engineroom bulkhead, in which 3x bearing-stern tubes are mounted. One aluminum hinged hatch is fitted into the aft deck. The diesel engine and generator are mounted on a heavy foundation and the generator is placed in a sound-absorbing cabinet. By means of a water seal and silencer, the exhaust becomes less loud. Main and auxiliary diesel are equipped with an “intercooling” system with attached cooling water circulation pumps, heat exchangers and expansion tanks. A double control is from: the wheelhouse and flying bridge by means of electronic throttle and clutch one-hand operation. A deck wash system with quick coupling hose connection will be installed in the deck box at the stern. The bow is equipped with an anchor winch with sufficient chain and bow anchor. Front windows have heavy wiper blades with wipe-wash installation. All walking decks are fitted with Flexiteek.

Spacious interior

In the bow is the owner’s cabin with a double bed and 2 wardrobes, it also has 2 separate bathrooms with washbasins, separate shower cabin and an electric toilet. Under the wheelhouse there is 1 single and 1 double bedroom. Both bedrooms have wardrobes. The double bedroom has a large storage cupboard. In the wheelhouse is the steering position with instrument panel, a chart table and a wheelhouse bench. The flying bridge can be reached from the wheelhouse. In the salon is the galley and a spacious sitting area, including table. cupboard in the length of the ship. The interior fittings has a modern look. The furniture is made of cherryveneered plywood (other woods are optional). The ceilings are made of artificial leather (washable) and removable. All floors in the accommodation are made of 25mm plywood. Where possible or deemed necessary, floors shall be fitted with removable panels or hatches to provide access to accessories and storage areas. Floors in the accommodation are carpeted. Floors in the bathrooms are finished with an epoxy grain floor. All windows are constructed in double glazing with black frames. This gives a lot of light and a modern / open look.

Specifications Altena Raised Pilothouse

Length 15,45 meter
Breadth 5,30 meter
Draught 1,50 meter
Air draft 5,5 meter
Normal draft 4,30 meter
Material Scheepsbouwstaal grade A,
Hull shape Multichine
CE-marking A
Motorization 1x John deere 6 cilinder each 201 hp
Length 18,00 meter
Breadth 5,55 meter
Draught 1,50 meter
Air draft
Normal draft 5 meter
Material Scheepsbouwstaal grade A,
Hull shape Multichine
CE-marking A
Motorization 2 x John deere 6 cilinder each 201 hp