A company with a heart, with love for the branch. Also a company where, according to traditional methods, craftsmanship still gets all opportunities. With as a result a great offer of yachts, not only technical in perfect shape, but qua finishing touch and equipmentlevel they belong to the top.

Since the foundation in 1969, Altena Yachting developed a reliable international company, that builds yachts with a distribution all over the world.
With a wide range of models and designs. Luxury motoryachts, vary from inland waterways (CE-C) and coastal cruisers (CE-B), up to seaworthy yachts (CE-A). Altena can meet every demand, with ships for the rivers, the French canals and for the sea and the rougher water.
All work is done under our own management. From the design up until the building, the interior workmanship, the equipment and all (motor)technical aspects.

Gerard Pols started Altena Yachting as a hobby. He was very interested at working with diesel engines. Through working with diesel engines he got interested in the construction of shipbuilding. He decided to build his own yacht.
The garden was his yard and his wife Jo and their children where his co-workers. It had to become a 9,5 mtr. long cruiser and all the free hours he had, he spend building the cruiser so he could realize his dream.
Before the launching of the ship took place, a buyer came and the Cruiser was sold. By selling this ship he had the initial capital for his own company and Altena Yachting became a reality. The beginning of Altena Yaching, a good and successful career in the shipbuilding industry.
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